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HOLOCRACY di Brian J. Robertson

The human capacity to sense dissonance in the present moment and see the potential for change strikes me as one of our most extraordinary gifts (…). I call this a tension, the perception of a specific gap between current reality and a sensed potential. (…) tendere means “to stretch”. That energy can be used to pull the organization toward each sensed potential – but only if we can effectively harness it. Yet of how many organizations can you genuinely say that any tension sensed by anyone, anywhere in the company, can be rapidly and reliably processed into meaningful change? Consider the value that could be realized, if our sensors had the capacity to dynamically update workflows, expectations, and even the very structure of the organization, in light of whatever tensions arise while getting the work done, without causing harm elsewhere in the process. That’s a tall order, yet I’ve seen firsthand what can happen in an organization when its systems can do that, and change goes well beyond creating better work environments or more effective processes. It can catalyze a much deeper transformation by unleashing the power of evolutionary design on the organization itself. (…) evolution is the most intelligent designer around”.