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Positive organisations

Are we sure that the organisations models on which labour market has been based are the only ones possible, the most appropriate to manage complexity and guarantee us evolution?

In Italy very little is known about Positive Organisations, and about the reason why positive culture is increasingly becoming predictor of organisations’ future success. Sciences –from chemistry to epigenetic, from physics to biology and neurosciences- give us sound and precious findings, data, experiences to build a new paradigm: positive attitude and wellbeing “pay off”, as they activate a chemistry and a physiology that light on centres for learning, creativity, concentration, triggering a virtuous cycle that brings more productivity and innovation. Sharing a strong and collective purpose, matching emotional paradigm with the rational one, experimenting consistency between culture and processes: these are the way to create organisations where people blossom and gain results beyond expectations.

Together with our partner 2BHappy Agency we support organisations that wish to become Positive Organisations, redefining culture, processes and practices based on principles of positivity and wellbeing.

2BHappy agency believes in happiness first of all and for all. It’s a methodological hub disseminating know how, creating tools and connecting who in Italy for a long time is working with dedication, engagement and professionalism to spread in organisations and in society a culture of positivity, wellbeing and happiness. www.2bhappy.it

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