> Benefit Corporation and B Corp™

Why be a Benefit Corporation and a B Corp™?



Business and common good. We don’t want to give either the first or the second up. Indeed, they work mutually to be a powerful development instrument. Thus we chose to be a B Corporation. Recently, economy Nobel prize Robert Schiller says that “this new idea (B Corporations) will be a successful model, which will belong to most profitable organisations, due to their ability to inspire their employees and community that support them” Organisations have all the necessary means to construct a “ecosystem”, where business, global and local community may be economically inclusive.

As Benefit Corporation, we officially declare to pursue common benefit objectives as well as the enterprise welfare.
This is the reason why we were born as Benefit Corporation and choose to follow B Corp™ certification since the beginning. According to Nobel prize-winning economists Robert Shiller “this new idea (Benefit Corporations) will be a winning model, which will also involve the most profitable corporations, thanks to their ability to inspire employees and the community supporting them”.

The B Corp™ certification process is serious and stringent: only 5% of applicants reach the minimum score needed to be accepted. In Italy, there are about 100 corporations certified (while Benefit Corporations are 400). Worldwide, B Corporations are approximately 2.600. 

Thus, PRIMATE establishes itself as a cutting-edge business.

B Corp™ are organisations using their business as a positive force, in order to create a more equal and inclusive society while regenerating the biosphere. They comply with the highest performative standard in social, environmental, transparency and responsibility factors.

B Corporations, in fact, change their own regulations so to be legally able to make decisions and implement practices by keeping in mind not only relevant results for shareholders, but also the impact that decisions have on all stakeholders –employees, customers, society, and environment. Be a certified B Corp® is a step forward from CSR, as involves, in addition to donations or philanthropic endeavours parallel to the business, the direct use of the core business as a social and transformative positive force. B Corp Certification helps consumers in identify those organisations with a positive mission, and also helps investors in the choice of financing businesses complying with their values. 

As Benefit Corporation and B Corp™ we are firmly committed in pursuing common benefit objectives, in addition to the efficient running of our business.

For us, PRIMATE, being B Corp certified® means being deeply connected to our PURPOSE: During an era of epochal change, PRIMATE was born with the intention of contributing to the evolutionary leap of humanity, organisations, and communities, by freeing positive energies, innovating models and practices, and co-creating places where daily routine assumes meaning for oneself, for the business and the communities in which we live and work.

This is the footprint we want to leave on the world. 

Thanks to this important step, we as PRIMATE will continue:

  • To act ethically, by making available to the community our know-how by doing what we are best at. 
  • To develop projects aspiring to trigger concrete evolutive behaviours, to produce regenerative businesses favourable to all stakeholders.
  • To work alongside the B Corp™ community to reduce inequality and lower poverty rate, so to live in a healthier place, by creating more high-quality jobs providing dignity and purpose.

Thanks to all our Partners, those who accompanied us since the beginning and those who will in the future.

PRIMATE takes part in UN’s corporate responsibility venture (United Nation Global Compact) and it is founding member of GCNI-Global Compact Network Italia