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Evolutionary breakthrough mapping

We map the evolutionary stage of organisations to detect its consistency and, if necessary, its evolutionary leap. Federic Laloux, analysing different evolution theories, identified 5 evolutionary breakthrough in organisations, that match with colours and metaphors:

  • red-impulsive organisations, driven by fear (pack of wolves)
  • amber-conformist organisations, driven by rules and procedures (army)
  • Orange-results organisations, driven by processes, projects and planning/controlling (organisational machines, big corporations)
  • Green-pluralistic organisations, driven by culture and values (family)
  • Teal-evolutionary organisations, the colour of tea leaves, driven by continuous perception of  environment changes and quick adjustment (organism)

No organisation has just one colour. It doesn’t exist one “best” evolutionary breakthrough, but there is one most appropriate than others to what you’re going to realize. Starting from each stage, you can both make progress or regressions. Designing a clear evolutionary map of the organisation you can understand if and where to intervene to improve significantly the effectiveness of the prevailing stage  in place and/or encourage the leap to the next breakthrough.

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