Marina Capizzi > Sense & Respond
Sense & Respond is an easy but revolutionary synthesis. In fact, through many business cases, it shows how the mindset of many organizations was born during the industrial era. That is over. Nothing is the same, even if it may seems so. We’re in the digital era: a momentous gap, more culturally than technologically. Concepts and methods, that were reference points for generations of managers, don’t work any more: for example, facing uncertainty and complexity with detailed plans. But most organizations still keep on working in the same way as in the past.
This book reveals how what we consider an inevitable problem is in fact the result of a deeper and deeper gap between our mental habits and reality.

So, where can we start from, and how can we go on?

Sense & Respond describes the starting point and the method, together with interesting stories of success and failure. The path described in this book changes usefully the organizational culture, allowing a continuous adjustment to the business, leading everyone to navigate using business results as a compass, promoting responsibility by focusing on mostly self-sufficient teams.
In this way, all the energies focused on preventing mistakes (but also on hiding or denying them), can be unlocked and used to learn by continuous experiments.

The book has been published by Harvard Business Press.
PRIMATE presents it to the Italian business community, enhanced by an interesting business case, that of Decathlon Italia, that has been successfully using this approach for years.

Dedicated to people who live in the digital era but operate like in the industrial one.
Who’s in charge of leading organizations has also the responsibility of looking for a new path.